Smooth Sailing is a service oriented business engaging in Yachting Support Services, by providing Yacht Documentation, Marine Insurance, Marina Mooring Management, Import/Export of vessels & spare parts, and yacht transportation.

We have been operating since 2000, and our main goal is to facilitate our clients in sailing & using their yachts in Greece by preparing all necessary marine documents & certificates, legally and confidentially, for a smooth sailing in Greek waters.

Our Purpose

Every individual purchasing a yacht needs advice from an expert on how and WHERE to legally and confidentially register one's boat, in the most efficient way. 

You may know what model to purchase and from whom, if it should be new or second hand, but you could be misled on HOW and WHERE to register the boat, WHAT documents you must ask for in order to guarantee and secure your choice, WHAT KIND OF DOCUMENTS you must have to own a vessel and to enjoy your travels and vacations in Greece.

Want to find out the best solution for your boat, where to register, what are the requirements, just ask our Feedback.

Most vessel owners use their boats during the summer period. Therefore, it is necessary that all boat matters are settled before this time arrives. Smooth Sailing will be able to fully support them by handling the Marina requirements with effective mooring management services, insuring their vessels while they are laid up or in commission and providing them with all documents needed for a safe journey or stay in the Athens area.

Smooth Sailing also provides transportation services, including Import/Export of new vessels, by both land and sea.  We collaborate with other well-known companies to provide these services

Contact Information

Smooth Sailing Ltd. will answer any enquiry you may have, just post your question or e-mail us, and we will give our advice and instruction the soonest possible.

Telephone + 30 210 45 13 354
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